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I made a change in Active Layers for changing over a floor plan to an electrical plan.

1. Selected the Active Layers and drop down to switch from Working Layer Set to Electrical

2. Floor plan changed over to Electrical plan.

3. Here's the conflict - when I went back to Layout sheets, some of sheets are either missing or have been changed to the Electrical plan. When I click on each window (view) from Layout, it opens up the Electrical Layer Set. I change it to Working Layer Set and Save, but it defaults back to the Electrical Layer Set.


Attaching three screen shots of my conflict. I have no idea what I've done and hoping to switch these views back to Floor Plan, Elevations, Sections, etc. This is a project for plan check corrections, as you'll notice the clouds and delta marks.


Hoping someone has encountered this before.

1. LAYOUT.png



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Here's a couple more screen shots:

1. "Layout Elevations" sheet is missing all views. Clouds and deltas shown, but missing the views.

2. When double clicking on "Layout Elevations" sheet, this is what comes up each time - Electrical Layer Set. (see "Elevations Missing" screen shot)

3. If I select "Working Layer Set" from Active Layers, the elevations populate, but don't show up on Layout sheet!


Is there a glitch in X15 or is it something I'm not seeing here? I've tried refreshing the screen, but doesn't help.


Elevations missing.png

Elevations Populated.png

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Thanks Charles.


Why would the Electrical Layer globally override the other settings? You should be able to switch from Electrical Layer Set back to Working Plan Set, and have the changes reflect on the Layout sheet.


Why do you need to re-link if it's just changing the setting from a drop down menu? That's a glitch to me. A user should be able to click "Undo" several times to get back to original plan view, and not have to re-link anything. Can't even do that...

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A layout viewport has settings that were defined when you sent that view from plan to layout. More than one viewport can have those settings, or Plan View. You can manage those and save the different ones you need as Saved Plan Views. If you do not manage them, they will manage you. When you change a Plan View, that change is reflected in all view ports or Layout Boxes using those settings. 


When I help someone on a plan where they have a layout file linked to a plan, but no Save Plan Views, I just go to layout and open the camera views linked to the Layout Boxes. That gets me to the plan file with the same layers selected/unselected as the layout shows. That is a Plan View, but it is not being managed as a Saved Plan View.

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Can't say for sure but from your description, and based on the fact that you are a long time Chief user, my guess is that you are actually using "saved plan views" but never really figured out how they work.  If your layout box is linked to a saved plan view, it will change when you change the layer set for that saved plan view.  Back before there were saved plan views, the layout was just linked to the layer set.


So you can either stop using saved plan views and work like you used to back in the old days or learn how to use saved plan views.  Personally, I recommend learning how to use saved plan views.


Here is a video:


Here is a tech article:


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Thank you guys. Really appreciate it.


I'll review the videos and learn how to properly use Saved Plan Views, etc. I'm used to AutoCAD and how their system operates, and need to learn more about Chief.


As always, the Chief User's Group is the best around!

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