Print Multiple Pages from a Plan File, not Layout


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I have a plan file,  (not a layout file),  it is 8-1/2x11 paper size  (I  hit the OPTION + F2),  I have six levels,  0-ATTIC........


I want to print these 6 "levels" to PDF  (8-1/2 x 11 paper size).  I want all six levels to be in one pdf file.  I know I can print one level at a time to pdf,  (I will then have 6 different pdf files),  I want one pdf file with all six levels/sheets,  Can this be done?


Or am I stuck printing each one separately?

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Thanks for the help guys,  but this is what I am doing now.  Remember,  I am always about 5 years behind everybody else,  so this is for those guys who are behind like me.


So I get emailed plan check corrections in PDF form  (sometimes it is faxed to me and then I save as PDF's,  I think,  (4 sheets).  


I save the attachment to job folder.

Now I drag that pdf file from folder to PDF CONVERTER FREE that came with mac.

It converts to a KEYNOTE file,  not sure why it is not a PAGES file.

I can now address the comments directly in the plan check correction list and now print that file as a PDF.

In fact if there is a note on the list that needs to go on my plans,  I suppose I can copy that directly from plan check list and put into my plans.


So this is what I do for printing....  I mail the following to my print shop:

PDF of plans,  structural calculations,  title 24 calculations and plan check response lists.....  everything.  I am officially out of the printing business.  When the print shop is done printing,  I call courier,  for $20.00 the courier takes the plans to my plans runner and she does her thing.


At one time I had the courier come by here to pick up calcs then the blueprint shop for the plans,  heck,  I let the print company do all the printing.  


I know I know,  everybody knows about the PDF converter,  but it is new to me.

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Yep,  I've done it that way P.  The problem is we can only have one layout open at a time.  I need the plan layout open as I edit the plan.  


This new way I think will work very well.  Now if I only knew my way around PAGES,  the work app.  

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