Ok....how About Rake Walls And Floor Plans


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Looooong time chief user and figured I'd throw a question out there that I know other have to have run into.   Of course I have a 'work-around' but figured I'd pose a topic and see if I have just been missing something for all these years.

Basically rake walls such as in offset roofs or dormers.  You have to draw them for exterior views, but you dont necessarily want them on floor plans as they dont go all the way to the floor.  (roof cuts wall at bottom selected) 


For years I just create a copy of the wall layer and change the line properties to dashes...etc   I change these wall types so they look different on plans (sometimes totally invisible by changing all line types to no line)  This makes for ugly looking connections though.


So have I been missing something all these years?   


I wish there was a selection for "Invisible on floor plan view", but it would render the walls in elevation.

Here is an example I was working on today


Pic1 wall that should not show in floor plan view  (roof cuts wall at bottom)


Pic2 how it renders if you make it 'invisible'


PIc3 Making it visible again


Pic4 View of inside of said wall.


Like I said, I have to make a separate layer for these type walls with different line defaults and no fills.   What do you guys do?





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That is awesome.   Been doing it the hard way for years.   I copied, went up to attic level and pasted hold position and bit my nails while the lower wall deleted.  Sure enough, wall stayed in 3d view.


Thanks man!!!!   Just goes to show, there is always something to lean.


Again...>BIG thanks

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