Plans for an old Church


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Hi all,


I'm drawing up the plans for an old Chruch in the village I live in, and there are two features of the building that I have no idea how to draw. I'm using Home Designer Architectural 2019.


The first is a corner buttress wall which has multiple levels, extending beyond the height of the main walls and coming to an apex. The second is a bell tower at the apex of the front of the building. Does anyone have any suggestions or links to documentation for how I can approach this please?







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I don't know if home designer architectural actually has the polyline solid tool.  I am not even sure if it has any other tools that might be able to design either of those details easily.  You might be able to model it in a separate plan using walls and roofs and then converting it into a symbol (if you can convert to a symbol).  I think those details above the windows might also be a bit of a challenge even in chief.  I would probably try to do them with a wall material region.


You might try asking over on the home designer forum here:


Other ideas would be things like upgrading to home designer pro, seeing if you can download a symbol somewhere that is close enough, paying someone that has Chief to build these as symbols, subscribing to Chief for a month, ...


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