Looking for house plan with off grid solar room.


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I have not designed a home with off grid solar, but there is (was) apparently a fire danger with batteries, along with backup gas generators that make this equipment better suited when it is detached from the house. This may be a thing of the past with changing battery technoligies (lithium ion vs Lifpo4), but something to be aware of...


Check codes in your area for guidance.



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Too many variables. First determine:

1. Required system capacity (kWh).

3. Is interconnection required? Tie-back to the utility is sometimes required per ordinance.

4. Microinverters or a central inverter.

5. Will the structured media equipment share the room?

6. How many load centers? Maybe you need/want a separate critical systems load center.

7. PV only, or supplemented with ST or a hybrid panel?


Figure out these things, and more, and you can begin to size the room. Depending on the climate, some of this stuff can be mounted outside.


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