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I have lost the decking from the main deck.  It was there at one point and then it will not show.  I even have all layers on.  I can build a new deck (see the little deck next to the main one) that will show the decking correctly but still not right on the main deck.  I am not having any luck with problem solving this issue and this has happened before on other projects.  Anyone got any ideas?  Plan file is attached and thank you in advance.

Bercher-Anderson for chief.plan.zip

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Almost always "lost deck planking/framing" is due to it just not being set to regenerate framing.


But it doesn't build even after your framing is set to regenerate.


So, look at the deck framing:


Joist layer has to be set to generate as Framing for it to .. well, generate as framing.

Seems obvious except that it totally isn't.


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