Pony wall showing same material in upper and lower wall


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I have lower wall with 6" brick wall and cultured stone material. the upper wall is vertical siding. aligned on central main wall.

I check the settings in wall types and doubled checked plan and library materials.


When elevation, complete perspective view or any other is generated, both the upper and lower wall are rendered as the vertical siding setting.  At one point in earlier work, I know the upper and lower pony wall would render as I had them set (stone lower, and siding upper) 

sometime later in work, both upper/lower began rendereing as the same.  I tried looking at material on the generated views, and tried to change the lower wall via adjust material definition. did not work.    Even went so far as to change walls back to non pony wall and go through setting up the pony wall again.  Any ideas?

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I found that 2 walls had wall breaks made for some roof adjustments.  When I eliminated the breaks, the lower pony wall material reappeared all around house. 

Thanks, I will try your fix also in another saved version, to see if it works.

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