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I don't know if you can setup your edge line defaults ahead of time, but you can always open the layout box dialog and change them after you have sent the view.


If you want to use the line weights and colors from the layers in the section view, then just don't check "use edge line defaults" in the send to layout dialog.


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14 hours ago, BruceKC said:

Where do I set the edge line defaults?


We can't. It's a mis-labeled dialog option, since there is no "default" for those settings. In previous versions, as recently as X10, you could enter the line weights in the Send to Layout dialog, and those settings would be remembered for subsequent views sent, until they were manually changed, even after restarting... which was a sort-of "default." Now those line weights are hard-coded and any changes have to be made to each view after it's in Layout. And any changes made there won't affect other existing views, or new views being sent.


For some odd reason @ChiefArchitect thinks using Edge and Pattern Line Defaults is a bad idea, even though several of us have argued that it's a great way to maintain consistency among various layout views, without having to worry about all of the layer settings matching. There's a thread on Suggestions asking for this feature to remain, and to give us actual Default settings for Edge and Pattern Line weights and colors:



15 hours ago, BruceKC said:

Or, is there a way to have the Section View Layer set used instead of that?


Yes, as DB said, just uncheck those options, and the line weights will be derived from the source view. However, there are several nuances to that option. Click on Help in the Send To Layout dialog, there you will find all the information about it.



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