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I am struggling hard and need someone to point me in the right direction please. I just loaded X15 and can not seem to set the default layer set for windows and doors. Hitting the wrench after I am happy with the window works... until I mull two windows together, then it goes back to this mysterious 'Default' that I can't seem to find - a 'Default' check box in the Default Settings over rides everything. Where do I find the 'Default' that over rides the 'Default Setting'?



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The Default Layer , not Layerset, is just called Windows , it appears you have made new layer for each Level ? which I've never done,

so I'm not sure what is happening but in the case of Mulling Units , that returns the Mulled Unit to the Default Layer automatically called Windows , so you'll need to change it's layer back to the appropriate (Window) Floor Layer.




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Thanks Mick,

I did in fact rename a layer that is a "system default layer". The default check box is in fact a program system default layer designated by the 'S' in the 'Used' column. I have renamed it to what I would like, and all is well again in Whoville.


Just in case anyone else may have renamed a layer like I did, it was a little tricky to find all the 'S' layers as some layers were selected as the default and had the 'wrench' symbol, and some had objects already assigned to the layer which had the '+' symbol. The symbols are dynamic and I had to strip down my bare template as there were even some 'secondary layers' attached to some CAD details that made it an in-use '+' symbol - not actual objects in the CAD detail, just checked off boxes lingering around in the object layers properties.







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2 hours ago, Alaskan_Son said:

I'm curious why you're placing windows on different levels onto their own unique layers.  Care to elaborate on that?

I like the flexibility it adds to the different layer sets. Showing proper things like first level windows and doors (shown on a reference display) only in the location I want. For example, if I'm showing roof planes on the second floor as well as maybe a roof plane of a first floor - say a porch, I can show the muted down walls of the second floor under the roof planes and reference layer only the porch door and window under the first floor roof plane, thus not having to show all the first floor doors and windows through the second floor walls. I don't really care to see door swings from the first floor reference showing up through the second floor. I'm not sure if there is a better way, but that is something that I started before I knew anything about the program and it just sort of morphed from there. Now I can display walls, doors, windows, siding and trim, framing all kinds of stuff all on the same view whether it's a single floor overview or a full overview. It really helps streamline things when I'm in front of a customer with 3D views. Whether it's reno's or new builds, single or multi story, it all goes onto my one template and the added flexibility along with the layer sets shows pretty much every type of house component with ease.


Not sure if it's right or wrong, but I'm used to it. How does everybody else do it?

Here is a picture of the flexibility that I have on one full overview shot




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