Has anyone tried the Leica Disto that imports measurements into Chief?


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The high-end Leica Disto has a Bluetooth feature whereby you can import dimensions right into your CA drawing(s).


Has anyone here tried using it?


It seems like it would be fun, but accuracy is kind of important to me ;) so I'd love to hear feedback on how well it works.  I believe it means you have to tote your laptop around with you on measures but if it's a time saver then it just might be worth it.


I've been using a Disto for a few years now, it's not the right model (not BT enabled) but I would want to know if the process is buggy etc. before springing for the (much) more expensive Bluetooth model.



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including a computer that supports Bluetooth.


Ok, not sure mine has this feature


reading that article and having measured houses in the past by myself


I think it would be "tedious" to be running back and forth between Disto and PC


with an assistant it might be feasible ?


I bought the $700 Disto Plus back in 2005 and a Dell PDA with BT

and tried this with Powercad software on the PDA


it didn't work very well and I gave up on the concept and just used the

Disto in simple mode after that


I'm now retired so I]m just curious about this but won't be needing it anymore



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I have the disto and i love it.  i use the cheap version of Redstick SiteCAD on my Nexus 10. Very easy to tote the Nexus with the Disto.  I don't even bother to bring paper and pencil with me anymore(you can attach notes into Redstick).  and I also take all my pictures with the Nexus too.  The Redstick app is is just very simple and easy to use with a finger.  I've thought about trying to measure in the field toting my laptop around and it pains me to think about it.  


After I'm done making my layout in Redstick shooting all the measurements with my Disto to my tablet i can export and email myself a DWG and import that into chief back in the office and start tracing over it and snapping all my walls, doors, windows, stairs etc. into location.


it's super accurate.  the most accurate plansets i've ever done over the old hand measuring and pencil and graph paper method.  I used to dread field measuring now i enjoy it.

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Victor do you think the way you are doing it is easier/faster than just having your data read right into Chief?  

I understand that a tablet is smaller/easier to tote, but it seems you are doing a couple of extra steps by doing it that way.


And Lew does have a good point about running back and forth from computer (laptop, tablet) to the area(s) you are measuring.  

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As far as i know you can't bluetooth dimensions straight into chief.


I can't hold a laptop and effectively enter data while simultaneously shooting the Disto in the other hand.  If need be I can tuck my Nexus under my arm if I need to grab a call or whatever during the measuring.  As far as building my plans on site, that's a no go for me.  it would take me longer to be walking around and going back to a mobile workstation to be working in chief and then walking around again and/or moving my laptop to the next room and where will i put it(on the floor?!) or where will i put my laptop when i'm measuring outside or huff a rolling table around and then of course i also need to have a camera too. I've tried the laptop out on the site thing and for me it was just too cumbersome and old school.


I don't know much about room planner but i'm not a mac user anyway and it only works with Ipad not android tablets but also i do alot of zoning submittals and i need to be able to measure the property and surrounding buildings usually for site plans, shadow studies, etc. And just from what i've seen it seems Redstick is better suited for that than room planner anyway.  When i'm out on the site measuring for zoning and construction as-builts i'm really not concerned about where i might put a couch or what kind of flooring or wallpaper will be in the new/remodeled structure so it really depends on what kind of work you do to i suppose.

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