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  1. Unfortunately, that's only for windows 10, & I'm still running 7.
  2. Anybody have the ability to convert .dgn files to .dwg?
  3. Sure, but not separated to the point that it possibly come together. I think my phone is too big. That's exactly how an exported 360º panorama picture should look like. I'll have to check that out. Thanks.
  4. I picked up one of those cardboard viewers. I exported a 360 panoramic view, and loaded it on the cloud. On my phone (Samsung S9+), I log into my Chief account, find the file, open it, click on the viewer icon so I have the split screen, drop my phone in the box and press my face up against it. When I look into it, I see a definite double image. Each picture is off center about 50% from the other one. I called tech support, and the only suggestion he gave me was to buy a better quality viewer. Anybody else get this? Anybody else get this feature to work?
  5. While in elevation view, click on the wall, hit the number "3" on your keyboard. The 3 is the shortcut for "Break Line". Then click on the bottom of the wall where you want a break in the foundation. You will then have another grab-handle on the bottom the wall. Grab it and pull that section higher.
  6. I have one, and find it extremely accurate. Here's more details from the Room Planner App Forum: And more info:
  7. With this week's program update, the problem with door swings on the schedule has been fixed! Great job Chief Dudes & Dudettes on a rapid fix!
  8. OK, that would be a "DUUUHHH..." But I still need a "proper" door swing on the schedule.
  9. If my door schedule does not tell the size and the direction of swing, then I have no reason to have a door schedule.
  10. I do happen to know that it is being fixed in the next update, but I wanted people to be aware of it until then, so you don't get bitten by your door schedule being incorrect.
  11. In my jpeg attached above, those doors are both CLEARLY identical RH doors. One is listed as LH.
  12. What about this? I drew two interior walls, one starting at the top, one starting at the bottom:
  13. Joe, Not the case with my plan. I did not have hinge side displayed. I unchecked group similar, and it still read those doors as LH, when they should have been RH. My understanding is it was because it has something to do with what "direction" the interior walls were drawn. If I "reverse layers" on those walls, they read correctly. Try this: draw 4 walls. Split it with one interior wall. Add door. Create schedule. Note swing. Now reverse wall layers. Note swing. EVERYBODY NEEDS TO DOUBLE & TRIPPLE CHECK DOOR SCHEDULES IF YOUR GOING TO USE THEM.
  14. BEWARE...of door schedules. I have a plan that has 4 interior doors in the basement, two LH, and 2 RH. The door schedule lists all four of them as RH doors with the SAME D15 label. I am currently not using door schedules any more for my Construction Drawings. If you insist on using them, please take the time to individually check EVERY SINGLE DOOR before you give it to a customer, or the trim supplier, as YOU don't want to have to eat the cost of a door by specifying the wrong swing on your plans.
  15. The problem with that method seems to be that if you place it outside a cabinet, flip it, then try to place it back into a cabinet, it does not connect itself to the cabinet, but stays independent. You can of course just reflect the cabinet, and it will flip the sink with it.
  16. BTW, my desktop unit that I built from scratch has a GTX 480 (Second fastest at time of build), and it still is a SMOKIN' FAST machine with X6. My laptop, which I had built by Sager, has a GTX 680M. Both units have 2 SATA hard drives and a SSD for the operating system, so are fairly comparable. However, my desktop unit still performs faster when recording walkthroughs with the older 480. We're talking a frame rate of 0.14 to 0.16 seconds per frame recording time. My laptop is about twice the time. Even that though, is a HUGE improvement over a couple versions ago, where I was seeing 4-5 seconds per frame recording time.
  17. I would stick with the nVidea GeForce cards. Although some people have good luck with the cad cards, Chief Architect has stated many times that their program works BEST with cards designed for video games.
  18. Allen Brown 317-796-5973 Check out my Design Site: I can come to you, or you can come to my home office in Brownsburg, or my office at 86th & Meridian. I would be happy to give references for my training services. Thanks,
  19. Hi Tom, Looks like you should probably go over to the Home Designer forum. You might get a better response.
  20. As many of you know, I am a franchisee of UBuildIt here in Indianapolis. We do both the design & construction of houses locally. The owner of UBuildIt, Corporate has decided to make available on his website a way for UBuildIt customers all over the country to have one place to go to get blueprints for their custom home. He currently has one company listed on his site offering plans. These plans are well done, but they do not employ any type of 3D enhancements. My plan is to offer another design company on his site that offers a 3D enhanced blueprint product at higher price point. To be able to offer this service I will need additional team members, as my work load is just about maxed out. I have attached a recent plan to show an example of what is expected. Team Member will need to have Chief Architect X6 (or the latest version), and a subscription to GoToMeeting for client design sessions. (this is about $20/month) If you are interested in joining the team and have time for additional design work, please PM me. Thanks, Decker 11-11-13.pdf
  21. Hi Vinnie, I did a video back in 2010 on how to do it here:
  22. I probably needed a timeout. Been putting too many hours in lately!
  23. Anybody else getting this?? Must be a computer glitch, but it's costing me serious money