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As we all know Chief still needs to work on decking, and one of the main things is the way a deck ledger board attaches to the structure.  By the time I moved each one out to its proper location, and adjust beams, deck planking, I have a couple hours to think about this.  Here is my question; because the deck ledger board "sits" inside a wall framing by Chiefs default, and because we have to move it out, how do we fill in the gap left now that this board is missing?


This all being said, if this was fixed in 14, my bad, I still need to an update.


Be blessed!

deck ledger 1.jpg

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Nope.  This is from X14 and the deck is still generated to the rim board and not the exterior surface of the brick.  In my opinion CA should have an option for where the ledger is to be placed, and I have suggested that in the suggestion forum, but for some reason the programmers have not gotten around to this.  On almost every project that I do I have to fix this.

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8 hours ago, Doug_N said:

On almost every project that I do I have to fix this.

I do too...  thanks for letting me know it still hasn't changed.  Seems like an easy thing for a programmer to set, but I'm not a programmer either, so..  I guess my fix is to put in a psolid at every point of contact then, so I don't have a gap.  


I know we've suggested it before, with a hundred "pluses" .

deck ledger 2.jpg

deck ledger 2b.jpg

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