Wall cabinet without bottom to hide kitchen appliances


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I'm looking to add a wall cabinet basically without a bottom to hide kitchen clutter. I was able to add without the bottom but it still shows the frame above the countertop. Is there. away to remove just the bottom frame. 

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I'm guessing you're using X13 since you've been around since the fall? Please fill out your signature to make it easier to help.


Cabinet, open object, box construction, no bottom. Then Front Side Back, change bottom separation to 1/8 and as an opening,


If you really want to tile inside the cabinets (I wouldn't) then you change the back to custom face so you can change the material

Counter-convert to custom counter.

Bar fridge -search your library or the online CA one for specific brands.


These are some pretty basic things so to get a little further with this----While you are in the cabinet DBX hit the F1 key. It will bring up help with useful information for the panel you are on. At the top of the help pages there is a button that links to related videos.


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IF it's X13 simply deleting the bottom Seperation , usually removes the bottom of the cabinet I find , I sometimes have to use "No Bottom" as well but that setting alone does not remove the Separation as Chief's Frameless Cabinets are not really Frameless they are just Auto 3/4" Framed cabinets.




and a how to do your Sig. Vid.






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