Removing Kerbing (Curbing) against a building


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How do I delete the concrete road kerbing against my building?


Attached is a PDF portion of the site showing the kerb against my proposed building.


I have created the overall road outline using the 'Convert Polyline - Road Perimeter' tool and then within the road perimeter I have using 'convert polyline - Road Medium' to produce the internal areas for positioning buildings and medium strips etc.


There should be a method of clicking on a particular line of the 'Road Perimeter' or 'Road Medium' (or any line of a road) and click or unclick where kerbing is wanted or unwanted.


Any suggestions/helps?Proposed Getaway Retail Development - Kerb Delimena.pdf

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9 hours ago, RobWhite said:

and is there a method of changing the kerb sizes.


This particular design involves existing 250 wide kerbing and I want my new additions to have 150 wide kerbing.


I think you'd need to use different Roads for each size Curb as I think you can only set one in the Road's DBX > Curb Tab , not each side to different Sizes or no curb at all. Might even be easier to turn the Road Curbs off  and to use a Molding line/polyline for different sizes as a molding line will also let you turn the "selected edge Off " where needed.







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Ok, now we're in x15. Did we gain the ability to selectively remove a curb edge? Thus far, I'm  struggling with the new library browser and trying to remove a curb at a 4 way curbed street intersection. Plus One to the OP and I'm now requesting that x15's inadequacy in this department be improved in x16.

Road Curb.png

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