How to add 8 inch block above grade in the perimeter


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Hi - I have requirement to build a foundation 36 inch below grade and 8 inch above grade.

I was able to set the footing and foundation wall to 36 inch. I am unable to add a 8 inch CMU block extending on the stemwall above grade - the anchor will be extended into this block and to the sill plate.  In addition, I will need to add a 3 inch concrete rat slab flush with top of the block.

I tried to add another layer to the floor structure above by adding 3 inch concrete, but unable to show 5 inch of gravel below and 8 inch of block around. see the picture. The only other way is to put one layer of 3 inch concrete and then another layer of 5 inch block (for the display sake), however it will show as blocks covering the entire are and not the perimeter. any other way to show this in a neat way?


8 inch perimeter Block.jpg

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