Wall returns not completing with varying roof heights.


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    • By Zen-Renovations
      I cannot use the object eyedropper tool to select an option and paint another option to copy properties. 
      Can someone take a look at my file and see what's going on?  I'm stumped! 
      Floor Plan.zip
    • By COMSTOCKL35
      Hello everyone,
      having an issue getting x14 to report the information my estimator is asking for. we primarily focus on remodels, therefore a vast majority of our projects require demo work. we stick estimate and account for sf, lf, area, and each of items for removal. In a lot of cases this is not a across the board or entire area basis or even within complete room. My team has been inquiring if the program has the arability to produce a schedule i can put on layout so they don't have to physically do the calcs for the area of drywall being removed then reinstalled. i understand i have to run a material list to have the program run the total. i have figured out how to get the program to total Base, Casing, Flooring, Ceiling area, electrical and plumbing fixtures. im wanting to see if there is some way i can set this up to pull with the ease of a schedule without having to go in and create a material list for each room involved write down the area from that then say create a room list for every program. thining there might be a macro or some way to achieve this in a custom schedule and have ran into a wall every way ive tried to run it or set it up. i will attach the current project im working on for reference. the rooms im looking to complete said schedule or report are listed in the room area schedule to the right of the 1st floor plan23-6416-Newton-Existing.plan
    • By KO1413
      Hi there
      I'm pretty new to Chief Architect and I have a project with a pretty bizarre roof line.  I'm SO close to connecting everything but I'm not sure how to have a roof slope in two different directions.  I've attached images of the section of roof I'm interested in fixing (if it's possible).  It's a triangle that connects to other roof sections at two of three corners.  However, one corner sits high because that section needs to slope in two directions.  I was hoping there was a way to select the two corners and simply join them and have the program figure out the slope needed for this but I can't seem to figure this out on my own.  Anyone have any tips/tricks/advice? 
      Below is a OneDrive link to the .plan file I am working on: 
      I am using Chief Architect X14.  
      Thanks in advance

    • By Elopez
      Hello, I'm new to chief architect and I'm trying to use this sink that I wants in my model but is not in the library so I have to download it from the website. But when I do it comes out in 2D and the 3D one doesn't come out like I want. I have downloaded the sink in drawing DWG, OBJ and I don't know what to do. The pictures at the bottom are the sink and what I get when downloaded.   sink