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  1. fletcher

    Main floor is creating roof through the 2nd floor

    Eric, Thank you for the video. That worked to solve my problem. Thank you for the roof tip for the back patio as well. That was very helpful.
  2. fletcher

    Main floor is creating roof through the 2nd floor

    Eric, I have made sure not to have Ignore Top Floor checked and it still creates the roof like the image that I provided. Do you think that it is because I am still using X7?
  3. fletcher

    Main floor is creating roof through the 2nd floor

    Thanks for the advice Glenn. Regardless of whether I do trusses or not shouldn't the auto roof generate accurate roof planes without them going through my second floor?
  4. fletcher

    Main floor is creating roof through the 2nd floor

    Glenn, I am using the auto-build roof function . I custom built the back patio and don't want it deleted so I check the following boxes in the image below. Eric, I am not manually drawing trusses. I am just selecting the Trusses box under the specifications section in the dialog box. Is that what you mean? As an FYI it does this whether I select trusses or not. Like I said I spent several hours last night systematically trying all the checkboxes to see if I was missing something but every time it builds the roof through my second floor.
  5. Hello, I want to add roof trusses to my plan and leave my manual roof but when I do it builds the wrap around porch roof through the 2nd floor as seen in the images. Is there a way around this or is there a setting I'm missing? I spent several hours yester testing different settings but could not come up with anything that would not build the roof through the 2nd floor. I am using X7. Thanks for your help. PJ_&_Krisha.plan
  6. fletcher

    Roof auto generated a bunch of useless walls

    Thanks, everyone. Sounds like I either need to do everything manually or just hide the attic walls. I appreciate you help on this issue.
  7. fletcher

    Roof auto generated a bunch of useless walls

    Thank you for your answer Dermot. I don't think David understood the question because he was messing with the unfinished roof for some reason in his video. I figured the walls popping up had something to do with the roof and after doing some research found out that it was indeed creating attic walls in certain locations. Just as an FYI I am using X7 Do you happen to know if there is a way to turn off the function that auto-generates those walls or at least a way to be selective about it? There were only 2 gable walls that needed to be created and the rest were all under the roof where the trusses would be and definitely aren't needed structurally. I'll attach the image of the 2nd level layout to show you the walls. Besides the walls that are created automatically, I am getting those few walls from the main floor that I showed in my original post that are extending up and jogging in weird spots. Would that be caused by the roof as well or is something else causing that? I use the dollhouse view to present layouts to clients and so I would like it to represent correctly. When I open up the properties of that closet on the main I get a message in the structure tab that says that the ceiling values may not be changed because the floor above has varying heights. I am not sure what is causing the error though.
  8. Hey, I need some help. Last night I autogenerated a roof to be able to show a client what the home would roughly look like with the roof on it. From doing so I now have 2 issues: issue 1 is that it autogenerated a bund of walls that I don't want or need inside the roof (I noticed this when I went to delete the roof to make some more adjustments). Issue 2 is when I tried to delete the roof to continue working on the plan, certain walls have now grown taller in certain areas and I can't get them to be normal walls again. I've tried deleting them and redrawing them but as soon as I put a wall back in that spot it extends up in those areas. I am sure I am probably just lacking some fundamental knowledge of how the roofs work and how it affects the walls. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks, PJ_&_Krisha.plan
  9. fletcher

    My ceiling has disappeared

    That was it Solver! Thanks for the easy fix!
  10. fletcher

    My ceiling has disappeared

    Here is the plan file. PJ_&_Krisha.plan
  11. fletcher

    My ceiling has disappeared

    Hello! I need some help. I am using X7 and I now have 2 plans where my ceiling is missing. I having the ceiling turned on in the properties but for some reason what I see when I do a camera view is just the underside of the sheathing for the 2nd floor. If you have any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong please help! Thanks!
  12. fletcher

    Help w/ Missing Drywall

    Thanks Solver
  13. fletcher

    Terrain won't show up under cantilever

    Thanks for the response everyone! I didn't know that there was a "Hide Terrain Intersected By Building" box to check so thank you glennw! also Thanks jtcapa1 for the video. you make a valid point and creating a hole using a polyline was very helpful.
  14. Hey there! I'm having an issue with getting my terrain to show underneath my cantilever in my plan. any suggestions on how to fix this? I've searched through the chief tutorials and forums but could not find an answer to this problem.
  15. fletcher

    3D Views/Elevations do not look correct

    Thank you Chopsaw. I'll go ahead and do that. Thank you for your help!