How to make window casing different widths on either side


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I am working on an as built for a 1800's house. The door and window trim is 5 3/4" wide. My problem is that there a few instances where the door or window trim has been cut down to fit up against another wall. For example there's a window in one of the corners that is nearly up against the perpendicular wall. The trim on the left side of the window is 5 3/4" but the trim on the right side is around 3". 


Is there a way to place the window further into the corner and cut off the trim? Can I make the trim on only side of the window a smaller width? This is a pretty common occurrence in our work and I would like to have a method of solving this issue.


Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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This is chief's bumping to allow for trim to be installed without having the cut-off look.   Of course with as-builts that sometimes does happen.  With chief there are always different ways of doing things.


In this case 2 come to mind.


1.) If it is only a few windows, turn the interior casing off on the window and close dbx.  Place the window the 3" away from the wall.  Turn Interior casing back on for the window.


2.) You can turn the ability to bump the windows by casing off in Default Settings>General Plan Defaults>General Settings.

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