Railings Attached To Rim On Outside


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I asked this question last year, but cannot find the thread. I managed to get this to work then too! I even have the model still but I cannot do it again on another model.

I'm simply trying to get a cable railing to display correctly where the newels are on the outside of the deck edge attached to the rim.  This was done by drawing a deck first with an "invisible" deck railing, then draw another rail wall outside the first, and snug it up next to the invisible railing.... BUT.... under the structure tab dialog box the default wall heights dbx is grey out on the one that will not extend below, whereas the one that does extend below the top of the deck, the "default wall bottom height" is unchecked.   I don't recall why or how to get that to work.


Any one know???

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Glenn came up with the cleanest way to do it while we wait for CA to work it into the railing dialog menu.


"This is easy to do with railings.
Build you deck to the correct size and make the railing Invisible.

Draw another rail outside the deck and configure it how you want (no shoe, etc) and make it No Room Def.
In elevation, select the rail and uncheck railing to make it a plain wall (you need to do this because you can't drag the bottom of the wall down if it is a rail).
Drag the bottom of the rail down past the deck.
Make it a rail again.
The beauty of making it from a rail is that it is easy to modify balusters, newels, spacings, heights, handrail, etc."


Here is the end result for a recent project of mine:



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