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I'm a Real Estate Professional, also a seasoned Carponter. Considering purchasing the program as I do see the BENEFITS of having it though I do have some concerns In regards to my purchase... Does the pro come with all the extra content downloads or am I required to pay for those separately. I really like the materials aspect telling me what I will need for the project though forgive me if I Do double check as I do not like under or over purchase on materials, little over is the goal but absolutely do not like making more trips then necessary. Please advise, is the pro version worth it verse the statndard basic version other then the downloadable content I'm assuming is different??? Please help me clarify or understand so that I may complete my purchase and then we will talk much I assume because I like learning new things and this program provides a plethora of learning... Thanks   

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I can only talk in regards Premier version, (the professional version). Not exactly sure which versions you are deciding between as there is a pro version in the lower speced Home designer series.

Not sure about the limitations and whats included with these versions.

With Premier you have free access to the downloadable libraries if your SSA is current.

The materials list is only as accurate as the model allows it, ie as you get more proficent and include everything it gets more accurate.

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38 minutes ago, YourDestinyHomes said:

Thank you for the information.

I watched a bunch of the videos on the program and went ahead with the purchase of Pro. I think it is going to be perfect for what I intend to use it for so it will in turn pay for itself!




Check out the HomeTalk Forum too as most people here don't know Pro  ( most have Premier or Interiors ) and won't be able to answer specific Pro Questions.


AlsoWhen watch Videos make sure the Pro Version is listed  , the same on the KnowledgeBase ( KB) as an applicable Product.



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Home Designer Pro is full featured in terms of 3D modeling as Premier. The big divide is limited choices and procedures that make Home Designer Pro a very "little" brother to Chief Architect Premier Full Version. Home Designer Pro has an ability to create scaled printed pages using a .layout file as does Chief Premier but the difference is in Pro you create a single layout file for EACH printed sheet and in Premier a single layout file can contain 1,000 such formatted scaled pages. Premier has lots of advanced and tools to make you faster and more efficient where as in HD Pro you can do the same things but it takes you longer to obtain a similar product. For what they charge for it, it is a STEAL!!!!!

It is true that this is the forum for Chief Premier users and Home Designer has their own users forum called "Home Talk".

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      You may have noticed that the User Interface on the 3D Library has changed recently.

      We are now able to offer catalogs for purchase to our Home Designer users and other Non-SSA Chief Architect Software users! The purchasing option should not affect the ability of users with active SSA Accounts to access catalogs.

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      It is possible for any visitor to purchase catalogs from the 3D Library, perhaps mistakenly, if they are not logged into the site with their active account. To avoid this confusion, simply log in with your active SSA account, and you will see catalogs indicated as "SSA" with the regular price crossed out. We are happy to continue to be able to offer the value of catalog access as a benefit to those that choose to renew each year.

      We do not intend to change the availability of catalogs to our SSA users, or start charging for catalog downloads to SSA users in the visible future. The exception in this strategy is for cases of catalogs with very niche markets and that are very specialized when compared to regular design projects created in Chief Architect. Currently, the two examples of this are the Crime Scene & Fire Investigation and the Medical / Dental catalogs. These catalogs are currently available as purchases for all users. Versions of these catalogs that you have downloaded in the past for free will continue to function and update as usual without any charges. However if one chooses to download them from the 3D Library, a purchase is required.

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