Change color and thickness for steel framing in Framing, Floor Plan View

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How do I change color and thickness for framing/steel framing in "Framing, Floor Plan View".  I am using standard 3-5/8 steel studs and i can barely see them.  I've tried in wall type definitions and in open wall detail.  Im just trying to make them easier to see.  Thanks

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You could increase the line weight of the "C"  channel and or assign it a bold color.  Or abandon the C channel and use regular studs with a filled cross box.



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@kurtpaq - Chop gave you the answer above..


What you see in the plan view is controlled by the layerset. If you open the layer the steel studs are on, which is "framing, wall" you can change the color and/or line weight so you can see the studs better. But - that's about all you can do. 

In the attached example the studs are "blue"...and line weight is 35. Experiment with making the line weight larger...


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