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I've done several searches and can't remember this basic set of characters to create a line break. (also forgot all of the correct terminology for even making this request)Help please!
I thought it was "\n"
Next q is can I add a macro in label :
%(rough_opening_side*2)+width% x % rough_opening_bottom+rough_opening_top+height% RO %automatic_label%
such that there is a line break between the RO and the auto label without needing a custom macro?


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  • Renerabbitt changed the title to Line break for macros

Many possible solutions, but these are the 2 that seem most fitting...


Option 1:  Place an actual carriage return in the label itself...

%(rough_opening_side*2)+width% x % rough_opening_bottom+rough_opening_top+height% RO



Option 2:  Insert the new line using Ruby code in a text macro...

%(rough_opening_side*2)+width% x % rough_opening_bottom+rough_opening_top+height% RO%"\n"%%automatic_label%

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