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I am trying to create something similar to the roof below and I cannot for the life of me get it to work. What am I doing wrong? Story and a half, the garage is offset and smaller in footprint then the house but the rear roof plane is shared. If there is a name for this type of roof that would help to know as well. Thank you all!

Rear Roof Elevation.png

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Not enough data to advise you, this looks rather easy to me, whether preprogrammed or manually. if set up by preprogramming then ceiling heights and wall settings are essential, manual roofs take time and practice to master.

You need to make sure your room ceiling heights are correctly set. The dimensions of the first and second floors must be correctly set, then the roof pitches need to be set so they are the correct pitch. Then all walls need to be properly set via the "Roof Tab" per wall to get close to automatic roofs. Then edit as required.



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1 hour ago, Berretta969mm said:

I am trying to create something similar to the roof below


It's helpful to see your model with your best effort -- a couple of 3D camera screen captures.



And please check your messages.

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Automatic roofs are generated from floor, room, and wall settings. Attic rooms are trickier. To get that roof I would generate the rooms with all proper settings, get the auto roof as close as I could without spending a ton of time, then finalize it manually.


It's not hard to do if you have a pretty good grasp of the program, but tough for a beginner, and nearly impossible to answer "what am I doing wrong" without seeing your plan file.


Start by studying this Knowledge Base tutorial:



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