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I have my layout file defaults set up like I like them. Every time I start a new plan file I go through the motions of editing the dimensions to my liking in the defaults. Can we set this up for every new plan file that is started. I like all my dims rounded to the nearest inch, story poles a certain way etc. I understand doors, windows etc would not be ideal to do this, just dimensions.

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This is what I see when I open a new plan.

*My Notes box is already there with the notes I know I am going to use on 95% of new home plans

*The 4 green markers are elevation cameras already set up and linked to my elevation notes that are in a CAD detail.

*The blue marker in the middle is the 0,0 coordinate starting point. All plan start there with the back left corner being at 0,0. Allows me to be able to use the transform/replicate tool to move things a set amount in a set X,Y direction. 


All of my layer and anno sets are good to go. I am starting to use the saved plan views a bit, so there are some of those saved as well.


Everything I need to start a new plan is there. 


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