Dormer Flush Eave Problem

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I'm trying to get the "Flush Eave" look as shown in the "dormer 1" attachment by using the flush eave option in the Roof Specification-Option dbx. When I do what I think is the right method I keep getting what is shown in the "dormer 2" attachment. Early on in this project I had a couple of times it did work for me showing correctly using the options, but I can't get CA to work that way now and I don't know why. Yes, I know, I can get the look I'm after by using p-solids for the flush eave siding area and p-solid for the level soffit, which is what I've done. My question is, am I doing something wrong in trying to have CA build what I'm after through the option dbx. or is it a CA problem? I made a small sample plan using the dormer specifications I want to use and on one side of the dormer I show what I want and the other side I'm showing what CA is giving me. If someone wants to look at this and try and figure out if it's me or CA it would be much appreciated. Good luck. 

dormer 1.jpg

dormer 2.jpg

Dormer sample.plan

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