Help creating 1m extend slope downward roof for conservatory

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I am trying to create a conservatory (see attached pictures) but I am strugling a lot. I would like to edit the roof so that the last part has a slope downwards without overhang where I can draw in the skylights/windows. Can someone help me :-)? I really don't know how to get this done and what I am doing wrong. via this link ( you can download the chief architect file. Many thanks in advance! kind regards, Kelsey



IMG_7345 (2).jpg

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Hi Mark3D,

Thanks! YES this is on the right track. The only last issue is that the skylights / roof windows are sloped downwards in about 25 degrees (I think). See picture attached and then the red line. Many thanks for your help. kind regards, Kelsey


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If you want something like this, do a search in the library for Atrium Windows.

I just knocked this up as a quick example.

Screen Shot 2021-05-05 at 10.16.13 pm.jpg

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@glennw, thanks for the tip. I tried watching intro's about conservatoriums but it wasn't succesfull. Mark3D has created exactly what i was trying to create. Thanks both for your time!

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