Deck Framing Multiple Floors

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Is there a way to look at the deck framing on the floor I am on?  I am think probably not, but need to ask.  Chief is probably thinking this is ceiling framing for floor below, even though that's unchecked.  When you are level 2 (for example), and you adjust the railing it's for that floor but when you turn the framing on, its for the floor above.  So after you adjust a railing, you have to go to the floor below to adjust framing.  Talk about confusing and crowded trying to line things up, framing layers on, reference displays on, etc. 


Thanks in advance

frame grab.JPG

frame grab 2.JPG

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Yes, this is possible.

You can display objects on different floors than the defaults in plan view.

Select the framing and Cut them.

Paste Hold Position to the other floor.

They should display on the floor you want in 2D plan, and they should still be in the correct location in a 3D view. 

It is their height values that determine their location (height) in 3D.

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Ah.. cut them, so I won't have duplicate.  Got it, thanks Glenn.  Just in time, still have 1.5 floors of decking to do.  



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