Gable End Facia detail Rafter Tails

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I have a questions.  How do you make the Gable end facia tails extend beyond the eave facia and gutter.  I don't want a thick eve facia but the eve sub facia is what controls what the gable end facia tail...  for example it would be great to have 2x12 gable facia with a plumb cut the full depth of the board without having to enter something like a 1x14 eave sub facia board.  I have been manually drawing the gable facia tails for each gable but I would love to have chief build it for me... Anyone have a solution.  Also I would like the rafter tails to be plain 2x6 and the Gable-end Facia(or Barge boards) to be fancy...  I added a picture of manually drawn tails and automatically no tail. Thank you.


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Likely a few ways to accomplish this but a duplicate roof plane that is only 1 1/2" wide seems to provide a fairly quick and clean solution.



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1 minute ago, Bergford said:

Lol... Cool trick! Thank you.


Your welcome, I just followed your instructions.   I remember the topic has been discussed before but would have to search to find their solution.  Someone else that was involved my provide some more comments.

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Rafter tail won't work.  What you need is a fascia tail.


I do the barge rafters with the 1.5" or 2" roof plane method, and I add a small shadow board to match the minimal facia in the adjoining eave.


CAD detail from view in section is the means of getting the top and bottom edges of the decorative end, a poly solid.


If the client's gonna pay the builder to doodle these, he's gonna have to pay you to model them so there's clear direction on con docs of what to do.


The 3D is a byproduct of this work.  

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