Shed to gable roof using auto rebuild roofs


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Hello there!


I'm new to chief as of a few weeks ago. I'm really loving how in-depth you can get with it. Hopefully this isn't to much of a newbie question that is easily answered somewhere else but I have seen anything on it. I'm trying to attach a shed roof to a gable. I have a feeling this is something similar to a porch roof, but after messing with it for a few hours I cant figure it out. 


This is what I'm go1947303910_FrontView.thumb.jpg.3452fc6b3a5b7115966bcac7f4fe3ca9.jpg



Here is where I'm at. 95008122_view1.thumb.jpg.8be5157e43ae59be703f69dcd8629500.jpg


I've attached my plan if that helps!

I'm using x12 




Piper_3rd Round 2_4_2021.plan

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Hi Cam,


So I played with your plan file, and noted that you have some extra roof planes.  I deleted them, turned off auto roof rebuild, and changed the slope of the shed roof as Eric mentioned in his earlier post.  


I attached the revised file so that you can see what I did.  You may be able to apply these techniques to your project.


778952992_Piper_3rdRound2_4_2021 (1).plan

Edited by Doug_N
Revised the plan file to simplify main roof plan, added graphic illustration. I did this after Glenn's post where I noticed the problem in the main roof plane. Thanks Glenn
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Cool! That's it!


I realize auto building roofs will probably only get you so far. So you just fixed the planes manually by manipulating the planes? I see the extra plane in the front area, and changing the one shed roof plane to a 3:12. I guess it just takes a little bit of practice and trail and error to get your planes the way you want them. 



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This is auto built - so turn on auto build roofs and split screen plan and 3D view so that you can see what is happening.

The trick is to use a double pitch for the shed roof.

Break the right hand garage wall at the back of the garage.

Make the rear section of wall a full gable.

Make the front half of the wall a hip, pitch 3:12, Upper Pitch 8:12, in from baseline 230" (you may have to adjust this value so the that double pitch roof meets cleanly with the main gable roof).

Make the front double garage wall full gable, the small return hip wall and the front wall to the single garage a high shed/gable wall.


I would juggle things to get rid of the jog in the main ridge - maybe change some wall locations slightly.



Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 10.04.19 am.jpg

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