Angled Porch Columns

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On 1/13/2021 at 8:36 PM, solver said:

What do you not know how to do?

Don't know how to make the soffit lean out. I have watched the videos on sloping soffits and placing them under a roof but I don't know how to manipulate that to make it actually a "lean to" porch column.

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I'd never use soffits for this, but they would work, I think.


Take an elevation, draw the column with a Polyline Solid.



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Share on other sites Sloped soffits video. Place a soffit, open the dialog, check sloped soffit and then by changing the two input box values until you obtain the angle of slope you wish.


Polyline solid custom objects is even easier, in a cross section camera draw the object in profile you wish using the closed polyline tool and when you get the shape you wish, convert that shape to a fully 3D object. You have to try, you have to look and you have to trial and error try in order to learn.





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Sloped soffits work well for something like a false beam sitting against a sloped ceiling.  For your situation, I would probably use a polyline solid drawn in an elevation view. You could also take a symbol and rotate it if your post was a more complex shape.  

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