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Drafter Needed

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I am a designer builder in Santa Cruz Ca. 

I am looking for support drafting, doing full set of construction documents.

I would like very experienced people working in X12. 

And I have some requirements because I need drawing to be done in my style so I can work easily in them down the road. 


1. x12

2. use my templates and layers

3. study my templates and go back and forth with me to get it in my "style" , This will be slow to start and require going back to my examples and mirroring my techniques. What I am saying is I do not want someone to just take off drawing up what I send. I want someone willing  to study how I produce construction documents , use the layers. lines, notes etc that I use, set up the layout pages just the way I do. 

If you are will to go to all this trouble please let me know. All time spent would be paid for of course. I will attached an example of a job.

My Best, 

Chad Williams 

example set 1.pdf

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Hi Chad,


Wish I could help you, kinda buried myself at the moment.  I was intrigued when you mentioned your way and layers, so I had to look at your pdf.  I like it for sure.. but what I really liked was the font style (see the attached).  What font is this that is in block form.  I love the "drafting" look of it.  Good work on the rest of the package too.  Good luck finding help! 


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