Beams and posts in framing

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does CA let you place a post, lets say in the foundation ascending to the 2nd story ceiling and let you auto generate framing around it? or will the framing go trough the post crating a need to manually move studs around. for that matter will it let you place a post inside a wall and incorporate the post into the framing? in the training videos they go over how to setup spacing for auto framing but never mention incorporating posts or beams in auto generated walls like you would with railing and newels. is there a way to do so with regular straight wall? a post to beam option of sorts?



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Keep in mind that a beam that intersects a wall will have wall studs under the beam in the wall framing if:

  • the wall framing is automatic
  • the wall framing is built after the beam is placed.

So, you need to make a choice of how to display a post that is within a wall. If the loads exceed the capability of a built-up stud column you can:

  • place a post manually in plan view
  • edit the studs in the wall detail and represent the column using a cad box

The method you choose may vary depending on the types of views you show in your plans, and the methods you use to callout or identify columns.

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