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  1. @Alaskan_Son i watched all of your videos on youtube videos, very helpful. it would be nice if they had you make some of the official "how to" videos for CA, your sound quality is so much better. im trying to figure out how to make some of the call outs in CA like i would in AD rev example of what im trying to achieve: notice how there's anchor bolts in the footing shown and the beams have a out line through the view. on the foundation example there are detailed depictions of the terrain that makes up the ground on both side of the foun
  2. @joey_martin those Backclipped Cross Sections are great! perfect work. can you share a pdf of that i could study, the png uploaded is low res. @Alaskan_Son thanks for the helpful info. I've been reading up on the sections you suggested all day now. very helpful information! do either of you make how to videos?
  3. is there a tutorial on how to put an image like this together. i haven't come across one this detailed in the tutorial videos. thanks and great work
  4. the tutorial videos shows a button that appears when you get the wall close enough. looks like you click it and it move the wall into place. anybody have a picture of this for him?
  5. does CA let you place a post, lets say in the foundation ascending to the 2nd story ceiling and let you auto generate framing around it? or will the framing go trough the post crating a need to manually move studs around. for that matter will it let you place a post inside a wall and incorporate the post into the framing? in the training videos they go over how to setup spacing for auto framing but never mention incorporating posts or beams in auto generated walls like you would with railing and newels. is there a way to do so with regular straight wall? a post to beam option of sorts?