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At somepoint I must have painted my concrete foundation and patio floors black.  I don't want them black, but I can't for the life of me find a way to undo it.


I can't change the material for some reason.


Any suggestions?


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painted cement.JPG

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You may need to restore the default material by using the material tab of the floor ? DBX.  Is that a mono slab or foundation walls ?  This is often a walls issue but have not seen it as a floor issue before so you may need to post the plan if you can't sort it out.

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Here is the plan.  I put it on my google drive as it was just over 25MB.


You should be able to download and modify it with this link.


I've found that it is my monolithic slab that is painted and I can't seem to undo that. 


I've tried both the suggestions above, but haven't found a solution yet.



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