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5 hours ago, GeneDavis said:

The 3D Warehouse has excellent content for Charlotte pipe DWV fittings, with points positioned for accurate and quick joining.




Are you using these symbols within Chief or are you using Sketchup to provide the drainage drawings?

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I do the 3D DWV work in Sketchup.  Been using it since its inception, and I work with it even now more than in Chief.  Easy, fast, intuitive, and I find it nice for thinking my way through structural arrangements.  Plus never any upgrades to learn. ;)


For the builder that gives me most of the Chief work, I do the 3D DWV when things get a little complex with regard to space and routing and combining drains and vents.  Most of what I give them is the 2D under-slab arrangements.


All the HW and CW work that's done in my upstate NY jurisdictions is all PEX, done with a home run off a manifold for every single fixture, the PEX lines run wherever in framing to be efficient.  Old-style iso diagrams like we are discussing here make no sense for that work, and besides, the AHJ plans review for permitting is not requiring anything, MEP-wise.  I'm lucky.

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