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1 hour ago, CaseyT said:

Looks like that took some time to draw up. Thanks very much for sharing it! Now, just to modify it for the split (half-size) breakers and my layout. I will use this as the basis for a modified single line diagram, submit the plan package and then let them tell me what they want changed or added.


Unblock in the empty plan or CAD detail and draw extra line. What they are asking is not that big of a deal. They just want to make sure correct the correct breakers been installed.

TYP any room require 15A breaker.

TYP kitchen require two circuits of breakers

TYP garbage disposal and dishwasher each require a dedicated breaker.

Bathroom(s) require 20A but they could be connected to each other. 

For the rest let's say 4T HVAC takes 20A, for any contiuesly running device you multiply by 1.25. : 20A x 1.25 = 25A (therefore you need 30A breaker)

Same for sump pump, same for sewage pump, same for water heater, same for wall oven [let's say Bosh based on web page require 14A -> 20A breaker )


This is not an astrophysics.

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The first time I ran across this requirement I was stumped. I found an electrical load calculation worksheet online, and I believe I copied it to Excel so it would look a bit cleaner. I took a guess and listed circuit breakers (branch circuits) for each of the 110V legs entering the house. I always list a disclaimer to 'allow changes to fit actual job conditions'. This method has made even the pickiest plan checkers happy! As a residential contractor for 3 decades, I am already familiar with what a residential electrical system requires. I would never try this on a commercial job...


It is quite a waste of time because 1) The building inspectors have never referred to this schedule on the job site, and 2) A knowledgeable electrician will plan his or her own layout, and also not refer to an arbitrary and unnecessary bit of info on the plans. 


It does  satisfy a 'check box' in the plan check stage and everyone is happy!



Page 5 2436.layout

Page 5 Elec.pdf

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On 5/13/2020 at 12:45 PM, Renerabbitt said:

BTW assuming you are a junior drafter, for assumption sake, my local counties and municipalities don't require me to show half the items they have in their checklists. Get around the desk clerk and over to your planchecker and let them tell you what you need. Don't ask if you need to include something, ask a generalized question. Or submit and let them come back with a revision requirement. No harm in that, and you may save a boat load of hours.
My local plancheckers get so annoyed when I include too much because the last guy told me to.


My thoughts exactly!!  I was thinking of writing up a post and was relieved to find I didn't have to. 

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