Wal Schedule glitch???


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When placing a wall schedule into a cad detail and trying to show a longer sample of the wall 2d symbol (as well as match up size of other schedules that will be on the same sheet, an errant spacer line shows up and will not go away until that column is smaller than it.


Anyone else seen this?  Am I doing something incorrect?



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So this must be a glitch with that template.  Here is what happens when I tried it this AM with my personal template.



Kind of annoying since I used the client's existing template to clean it up to her requested standards and settings and she doesn't do anything with wall schedules as any remodel work, addition work, or permit necessary construction documents I do for her. 


I guess I should have insisted and started from scratch maybe...  Anyone know if the errant line from above is caused by a certain action or is it just a bad template?

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