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I am looking to maximize the SSD (C:) I believe having the actual CA program on the C: drive will work faster so that is ok, but I would like to know what folders I could move to the D: drive.


In the photo attached I have folders in the E: drive which I am going to move to D: as well. 


Any suggestions?




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Consider moving your Library Locations in Windows 10 to D:\, I have been doing it for years now , this effects Chief too as it places it's Data Folder in My Documents.

moving your Pictures, Music, Videos etc will also save alot of space on C:\ if they are in the Default win10 Folders.


...... here is another post on doing that....



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  • 1 year later...

maybe things have changed but years ago tech support got very grumpy about my having moved the locations


they started to insist any issues I had were due to having moved the locations


you may want to discuss with tech support the best way to approach this issue



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