Changing first floor room heights after second floor is built


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Multiple times I have gone into one of my rooms on the first floor only to find that the ceiling height is wrong, and the second floor above has already been built.


In this case I want to lower the room heights ONLY on the portion of the first floor below the second floor.  (We're building the second floor addition.)  The first floor is composed of 4 rooms in that area... but I can't seem to change them all at once, and I can't change them one at a time. 


NOTE:  I do NOT want to change the ceiling heights for the entire 1st floor... We live in the hill country, and the floors are not all on a single plane.


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You will have to change the rooms 1 at a time, I haven't found a way to do multiple unless I change the default.

but as you only want to change 4 rooms.

It would also help if we knew what program and version you were using, as a few things were changed in this area over the last couple of versions.

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The plan cannot be open in Chief when you upload.


Try this first.


One or more of the 2nd floor rooms have differing floor heights.


You can use the Object Eyedropper to select one that is correct, then propagate that setting, or just open the rooms and set the floor to the same height.



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