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  1. Just a guess but I think he is asking how to run the second story roof over the porch giving him a 2 story tall porch ceiling... I believe an adjustment to the porch ceiling height would be in order Regards
  2. I have a possible pole barn client. I have reviewed the CA knowledge base article regarding pole barns. I am using X14 which I believe has some added features for pole barns. I was curious if anyone had a pole barn template with poles and foundations etc that they would consider sharing or selling. Regards Rick
  3. I also have this printer and use it for all my printing needs…WI-FI enabled works like a charm and print quality is excellent…as Doug said…not too hard on ink…two years on mine Regards
  4. Chris and Moe I knew there had to be a way to do this in a simpler manner than drawing my own "box". Thanks Rick
  5. As i learn more about features in this complex program, I discovered the "roof area poly line" choice in the roof plane dbx. Am i missing a selection for similarly displaying room area using a similar tool in the Room DBX box... or even another method? I currently just build a CAD polyline and use its DBX polyline choice but it seems like it could be more automatic...just wondering... Regards Rick
  6. This advice needs its own thread titled to easily identify the scope of the thread. I have struggled a bit with slowdowns with my projects as they progressed...the tell tale slow downs were always revealed by lengthening periods "grains of sand" time as the RTRT redrew with every mouse move...I changed my settings per Marks easy to follow instructions and the identical plan went from 5 or more seconds to redraw RTRT (end of"grains of sand") to no lag. Thanks MarkMC Regards Rick
  7. Monika There are many different laptop combos that work well with Chief…Several here use similar iterations of the Alienware M17 laptop shown in my signature with satisfactory results…I am very pleased with mine…the latest model has several nice improvements…any similarly equipped laptop from a reputable vendor should work for you In reviewing the specs of your current laptop, it sure looks like it should work well on Chief…don’t know about the others Regards Rick
  8. I guess that is a possibility...Hydronic systems placed around my area would have the tubing held in place by the special clips installed by the special gun shot into the foam board, wire mesh on chairs...etc...but interesting clip...shows how tradesman do things differently across the vast country Regards Rick
  9. Interesting clip above...but as a concrete placer for over 50 years, I would be unhappy about the total waste of money putting the wire mesh down...other than the slab thickenings, none of the wire mesh was on chairs or sitting above the sub-grade...and no one was pulling the wire up by hand...I could just hear my dad yelling "pull the wire up...pull the wire up...it ain't worth nothing sitting on the bottom"... Regards Rick
  10. Adam This is quite comparable to the Alienware M17 in my signature. Other than battery life, I am quite satisfied with the computer...but the battery life is terrible. I have had the computer for over a year. Regards Rick
  11. Why are plan reviewers scaling plans anyway…the scale has nothing to do with code compliance or zoning…if they need a dimension, I should have provided it…But, if confronted with that sort of silliness, I would give them what they want…1/8” scale… Regards Rick
  12. ACADuser That is a great idea...How is this accomplished...but I would still post the "do not scale" note Regards Rick
  13. Rene Thank you…I am currently using a Logi G 604 with 15 programmable buttonsfor my primary input device. My work environment would accommodate a left hand 3D setup quite nicely. I think the joystick and added programmable buttons would be well used. I started a spreadsheet with hot keys listed but would like to know what buttons do which actions out of the box. Some of your hot keys ideas are likely way smarter than mine. An example of one setup I would like is to use a hot key to switch from plan view to 3d perspectives or cross sections etc…not savvy enough to figure that out without some help… Regards Rick
  14. I am navigating the 3D mouse world and looking at this product. There is not a lot of info out there about how well it works with Premier...I was looking for info on what settings are standard for the Enterprise...or any of the other iterations...I know the keys are all programmable but it would be nice to know the starting lineup... Regards Rick