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  1. I first noticed this anomaly very early in my journey with Home Designer Pro…i was modeling a Cape Cod with a breezeway between the house and garage…the design was for me…it drove my inexperienced mind crazy… I eventually stumbled on a solution similar to your demonstration with the roof plane…it still does it in X13 but I am so used to it I just fix it and move on…it would be nice to know why and even nicer for Chief to fix it…
  2. I use a Logitech G 604…I really like the mouse but I have also had some issues since upgrading…buttons that worked before changed…I have found that upgrading the GHub software usually fixes it… Regards Rick
  3. I have Pro 2021 and Chief X12 and X13…HDPro, beginning with 2021 will print C and D size sheets directly…no more limits…being a recent user of both packages and having completed permit ready ( and subsequently permits issued) construction sets with both packages, my opinion is Chief Premiere is the way to go. As I used HD Pro I frequented both products forums for info. Watching tutor videos posted by some very smart guys on both forums demonstrated some of the differences between the two products…and layout tools for Premiere were often featured…I can easily say for me, the layout capabilities of Premiere ,alone, made the upgrade worth the money… Subsequent use and discovery of Premiere tools and methods that make life easier only confirmed the decision. Now if I can just get away from some bad habits developed while using HD PRO and get a better grasp of layers and saved plan views… Regards Rick
  4. I have 3 projects with the Liftmaster side mount openers...one project is a pole structure with 12' x 12' OH doors. This application required a tensioner kit (spring loaded pushrod) to take up slack at the beginning of the close operation. This is caused by the inertia generated as the larger doors begin to move horizontally and then down...it works perfectly...no issues since installing... the door supplier/installer knew immediately the problem and the solution... Other applications are standard 8' x 16' doors with minimal headroom...these openers also work as intended... Regards Rick
  5. Thanks to Michael and Gene I learned a few things today... Regards Rick
  6. Gene Thanks for the answer...I do use the tab drag but never associated it with moving a wall...duhhh.... Regards Rick
  7. We will have to disagree...I believe the question is relevant and related...it is brought up within the discussion by a highly valued member as a possible cause of the OP’s original question...a simple point in the right direction is all I asked for... Regards Rick
  8. A question from the relative newbie...What is the "tab input wall drawing method"?...I searched the help files and this forum but did not find any information. Regards Rick
  9. Richard...thanks for bringing this up. As a relative newbie, I have had this problem bite me more than once. I knew it had to be something in my methods that caused it. I found the damage could be limited by constant vigilance. Subsequently, that vigilance pointed out that the proper use of the provided dimensioning tools so nicely demonstrated by Michael was the real solution. Michael...thanks for all the help you provide... Lew...I have wondered why the options you requested are not available. When I design, I always try to size exteriors to even number dimensions in 2’ increments. After visualizing a clients ideas and square footage requirements I have a required size ratio in mind...say for example 28’ by 44’. I draw the walls and want them to stay in place...there wandering ways under present conditions is frustrating. We lock roofs... a fair question is “why not walls enter.?”... Regards Rick
  10. Not Lew but that is correct...and I did mean "poly line solids"...and they do not exist in HDPro...Soffits, custom countertops and custom back splashes are your only friends in HD Pro ... Rick
  11. That is correct...I never knew about the "page 0" option until I upgraded to Premiere...so I just reopened a HD Pro 2021 file and a new layout page...no option for page 0 or any other page...also...no poly line abilities in HD Pro... Until I upgraded to Premiere, I was unaware of the depth of the shortfalls in the layout limitations...I can't imagine having the layout tools available in your current version not being available to you in HD Pro... and that is just that tool...I predict you would be very disappointed in HD Pro...JMO...YMMV...In fact, until I opened HD Pro today to check out the layout tool for you, I had not opened it since I upgraded... Regards Rick H.
  12. That is true...one page at a time...I just took the plunge and upgraded to Premiere from HD Pro 2021...huge difference as it should be for the cost...but...the additional tools and increased productivity are IMO worth the cost...YMMV... Here is my take on my experience...I used HD PRO for just over a year...it does a lot...but the differences in things like layouts and plan views are large...I believe that I developed some habits using HD Pro that were counterproductive when using Premiere...it took some time to learn that there were significantly easier ways to do tasks with the expanded tool sets...I am still struggling with using saved plan views and all the various layers and interactions...but I am progressing...JMO...and again...YMMV... Regards Rick
  13. Done...using cabinets...that was easy after trying to model it with trim etc...changed the garage doors and front door to cross bucks and it looks good...
  14. Ryan It will be an applique panel simulating the look of the windows...attic trusses over the garage eliminate windows without some fancy truss/conventional framing gymnastics. There will be 3panels...one over the 8' OH door and 2 over the 16' door Regards