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  1. Shane I am a retired snowmobile freak who used to put 5000 miles a year in the Michigan UP based out of the Curtis area...your map brought back some of my favorite memories of riding the boonies between McMillan and Rainbow Lodge and over to the old Bears Den bar... Pine Stump Junction...we used to jump across the river at Rainbow and boonie west to Grand Marais...Lake Superior provided the best and deepest snow to play in...last sled was a Polaris Rocky Mountain King...thanks for the memory jog I am also located near Caro much of the time...daughter has small horse and sawmill operation in Wells Twp...love to meet you sometime Regards Rick
  2. I have been using HD2020 2021 Pro for a year,,,I have the trial version of Chief X12...you can easily open the design templates in HD Pro from X12...and then draw in X12...the files are found in the HD pro/data/templates folder...I have not tried to do this using a trial version of HD Pro...hope this helps Good luck Regards Rick
  3. ricatic

    Where's the system recommendation for X13

    The Dell Alienware M17 shown in my signature has similar specs...it runs Chief just fine...its main drawback is the memory is soldered to the board so expansion is not possible... Regards Rick
  4. ricatic

    vaulted ceiling

    This ceiling concept is popular here... I have created several models with both full vault and half vault living room ceilings. Because ceilings build over rooms, removing your room definition (invisible wall or room divider) makes for only one available ceiling height. Maybe the gurus here have a workaround... Regards
  5. ricatic

    Chief Premiere Trial Version

    Thanks Dermot...that was an easy fix after finding out where to look...
  6. ricatic

    Chief Premiere Trial Version

    Eric Thanks for the "open with" tip...The reason I asked here is because in my opinion the problem was tied to Premiere X12... My intentions are when things pick up here in Michigan and a few more projects are contracted to upgrade. I keep practicing a bit with Premiere to prepare for the switch. Thanks again... Regards
  7. ricatic

    Chief Premiere Trial Version

    I have the trial version of X12 installed. I will be upgrading from HD Pro 2021 when economics dictate such a move. My issue is the automatic saving of my HD Pro designs as X12 and displaying both program icons on the desktop.and the subsequent auto opening of the file in X12...Is there a way to halt this behavior so drawings done in HD Pro open only in HD Pro... Thanks Regards
  8. ricatic

    A hip roof installed beneath a gable roof

    Using the .plan you sent me via email, I built this simple model in HD 2021 Pro showing what I believe you are trying to accomplish...Also, I sent you the file and the explanations via email.. Hope this helps... Regards I modeled this in Premiere 12 Trial version so attaching the plan is not possible. But here is what I did: Built similar model floor plan Set roofs on main floor to gables where needed Added a front porch with railings set for hip roof Build roofs at 8/12 pitch Done Gable cabin help.plan
  9. ricatic

    A hip roof installed beneath a gable roof

    I modeled this in Premiere 12 Trial version so attaching the plan is not possible. But here is what I did: Built similar model floor plan Set roofs on main floor to gables where needed Added a front porch with railings set for hip roof Build roof Manually lowered roof pitch on porch to 5/12 Done
  10. ricatic

    Cut Line

    Is the "break line" tool available to use in HD 2021 Pro...I have looked before for a break line tool with no success... Regards
  11. I am enjoying the back and forth comedic banter between two accomplished tutors on this site...it is encouraging to me and likely other newer users of the software to see we are not alone in our frustrations...the question "why did it do that!!!" is apparently not reserved for us... Thanks to all the true "Pros" on these forums for their help...you have kept me from throwing the computer through the front window many times... Regards Rick
  12. Eric...does that eyedropper trick work in HD2021 Pro?
  13. ricatic


    Eric Thanks for doing that video for decorator3...There is virtuallly a "bag of neat tricks" shown within the video... Regards
  14. ricatic


    ...In 35 years of Construction Management...I have only worked with 3 architects that get it...one is in the Indy market...another works mostly with Native American projects...he once told me that he can draw anything but the field guys have to build it...he made a huge error on a large project regarding ADA restrooms...I have extensive experience in that arena...obtained in a large project in the Indy market...he panicked when I called him...he was surprised when I told him I already had the fix and I needed his approval...we got along quite nicely after that issue... c'mon...tell us...what about collar ties... ...and don't get me started on inspectors... Regards Rick
  15. ricatic


    Steve Excellent post The field manager may say that "clients think trusses equate to cheap" but imo the company is not doing their job educating the client... I have built production houses and million dollar customs...designed on my drawing table...never had a client bring up trusses vs stick built...I suspect the builder you mentioned likes the marketing provided by ,IMO, misdirecting clients to a perceived value... I had to smile when you mentioned the creative "backyard engineering" created onsite to address apparent to the framer issues with the framing support system...I too have stood in structures and asked myself "who came up with this"...it points out the ridiculous position of building departments that require engineering for trusses but inspectors can approve stick built 'engineering" onsite...not saying the trusses do not need engineered structure...just pointing out a disparity.. Again...great discussion Regards