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  1. ricatic

    Cut Line

    Is the "break line" tool available to use in HD 2021 Pro...I have looked before for a break line tool with no success... Regards
  2. I am enjoying the back and forth comedic banter between two accomplished tutors on this site...it is encouraging to me and likely other newer users of the software to see we are not alone in our frustrations...the question "why did it do that!!!" is apparently not reserved for us... Thanks to all the true "Pros" on these forums for their help...you have kept me from throwing the computer through the front window many times... Regards Rick
  3. Eric...does that eyedropper trick work in HD2021 Pro?
  4. ricatic


    Eric Thanks for doing that video for decorator3...There is virtuallly a "bag of neat tricks" shown within the video... Regards
  5. ricatic


    ...In 35 years of Construction Management...I have only worked with 3 architects that get it...one is in the Indy market...another works mostly with Native American projects...he once told me that he can draw anything but the field guys have to build it...he made a huge error on a large project regarding ADA restrooms...I have extensive experience in that arena...obtained in a large project in the Indy market...he panicked when I called him...he was surprised when I told him I already had the fix and I needed his approval...we got along quite nicely after that issue... c'mon...tell us...what about collar ties... ...and don't get me started on inspectors... Regards Rick
  6. ricatic


    Steve Excellent post The field manager may say that "clients think trusses equate to cheap" but imo the company is not doing their job educating the client... I have built production houses and million dollar customs...designed on my drawing table...never had a client bring up trusses vs stick built...I suspect the builder you mentioned likes the marketing provided by ,IMO, misdirecting clients to a perceived value... I had to smile when you mentioned the creative "backyard engineering" created onsite to address apparent to the framer issues with the framing support system...I too have stood in structures and asked myself "who came up with this"...it points out the ridiculous position of building departments that require engineering for trusses but inspectors can approve stick built 'engineering" onsite...not saying the trusses do not need engineered structure...just pointing out a disparity.. Again...great discussion Regards
  7. ricatic


    Alan Thanks for the link...I can open it but can't use it to learn much as I can't edit it in HD2021...it is exactly what I would like to see as a 1 click checkbox setting...while I am dreaming about a positive change, might as well ask for 2 click attic trusses...I realize roof pitch and headroom considerations must be met but with a bit of programming expertise Chief software is capable of sorting those issues... DJP once said that this software was designed by smart people who know little about building....conversely...there are a lot of smart builders that are not programmers who use this software that would love to help Chief provide these tools... Regards Rick
  8. ricatic


    Exactly my position as well...50 years of building across the upper Midwest has shown me that trusses are predominate in most areas. Designing for years on a board meant hand drawing artists conceptions of a truss framed roof for client and municipality amusements. Plans always contained the typical trusses are engineered by others comment. When I took the cad plunge I did not expect that designing with trusses would be a somewhat convoluted process with stick framing being the default. Chief provides a checkbox for trusses but in the little brother series, HD2021, a bunch of additional steps are required to actually build with trusses. Am I incorrect in assuming similar conditions exist in Premeir? Great discussions happen here...much appreciated that little brother owners are allowed to participate...a few more projects and I will likely upgrade to Premier... Regards Rick
  9. ricatic

    Chasing Attic Walls...

    I am a winner here...big time...this discussion has revealed several actions I used in drawings that created issues down the road ... Humbles video above illustrates an issue I have way too often...I have managed to fix the problem by trial and error but sometimes the route to this solution was not obvious...learned a lot ... Thanks to all that contributed to this enlightening thread Regards Rick
  10. ricatic

    Chasing Attic Walls...

    Mike As a relatively new user of HD2021 but frequent visitor to Chieftalk, this video and the simply explained reason for the attic wall dilemna that has driven me crazy was so welcome. I have unknowingly made every error with editing attic walls and other walls I have added that you mentioned...all in attempts to get the exterior walls to "build through". Thanks Regards Rick
  11. ricatic

    Stair landing baseboard

    A little ditty from an old uncle who was a fine finish carpenter A little putty and a little paint Makes a carpenter what he ain’t If in doubt, do not pout Do your best and caulk the rest... Regards Rick
  12. ricatic

    Looking to buy a license to use D paper sizes

    Darn...I just bought HD Pro 2020 before Christmas...how much will it cost to upgrade to 2021...