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  1. ricatic

    What software to buy

    Not Lew but that is correct...and I did mean "poly line solids"...and they do not exist in HDPro...Soffits, custom countertops and custom back splashes are your only friends in HD Pro ... Rick
  2. ricatic

    What software to buy

    That is correct...I never knew about the "page 0" option until I upgraded to Premiere...so I just reopened a HD Pro 2021 file and a new layout page...no option for page 0 or any other page...also...no poly line abilities in HD Pro... Until I upgraded to Premiere, I was unaware of the depth of the shortfalls in the layout limitations...I can't imagine having the layout tools available in your current version not being available to you in HD Pro... and that is just that tool...I predict you would be very disappointed in HD Pro...JMO...YMMV...In fact, until I opened HD Pro today to check out the layout tool for you, I had not opened it since I upgraded... Regards Rick H.
  3. ricatic

    What software to buy

    That is true...one page at a time...I just took the plunge and upgraded to Premiere from HD Pro 2021...huge difference as it should be for the cost...but...the additional tools and increased productivity are IMO worth the cost...YMMV... Here is my take on my experience...I used HD PRO for just over a year...it does a lot...but the differences in things like layouts and plan views are large...I believe that I developed some habits using HD Pro that were counterproductive when using Premiere...it took some time to learn that there were significantly easier ways to do tasks with the expanded tool sets...I am still struggling with using saved plan views and all the various layers and interactions...but I am progressing...JMO...and again...YMMV... Regards Rick
  4. Did you mean "clerestory"?
  5. ricatic

    Trying to create a decorative panel

    Done...using cabinets...that was easy after trying to model it with trim etc...changed the garage doors and front door to cross bucks and it looks good...
  6. ricatic

    Trying to create a decorative panel

    Ryan It will be an applique panel simulating the look of the windows...attic trusses over the garage eliminate windows without some fancy truss/conventional framing gymnastics. There will be 3panels...one over the 8' OH door and 2 over the 16' door Regards
  7. ricatic

    Trying to create a decorative panel

    Eric...I edited my post before I saw your reply...the cad boxes in the snip show what I am looking for or similar...I have tried to apply the techniques shown in the KB but end up with a panel only 1 ply showing and attached to an interior wall...attempts to reposition even the one ply and smaller panel to outside wall fail...I have rebuilt the panel 3 times and no success... Regards
  8. Well, I took the plunge and upgraded to Premiere X12...I have this project that requires the barn look...it gets windows in the short upper wall...Over the garage the windows will not work with the attic trusses. I am trying to build a deco panel to add architectural detail to the areas above the garage door. I have visited the KB and looked at video. I have tried multiple times to build the panel using a CAD elevation and polylines per KB...not successful at all...the panel shown in the snip is just cad boxes ...hours later I come hat in hand to the experts who help so often. I have attached the plan and a snippet of what I am looking for...Help please... Regards Rick Jim Berry High Wall Rev Truss plan.plan
  9. Hi Fritz...check your messages...local and can help Regards Rick
  10. ricatic

    VIDEO LESSON: Cantilevered Dormer

    I watched this video earlier from the other thread...this is a hope diamond size nugget...I struggled with the various methods outlined for this dormer type...this one is a keeper...thanks Steve... Regards Rick
  11. ricatic

    Clarifying stem walls for basements in Chief

    Agree with all you wrote...I have worked through most of the tripups included in this particular CA logic...and while practice is certainly the answer, there are some issues that are far from real world construction practices...my experience comes from 50 plus years working in the field as a tradesman and eventually working up to Senior Project Manager....this caused a lot of head scratching at first as trying to understand the computer logic used by CA was polar extreme to real world experience...then I read a quote from David J Potter about the people writing code at CA...paraphrased it went something like "very smart people who know nothing about construction practices"...this viewpoint makes it easier to understand the problems we often encounter... Regards
  12. ricatic

    Clarifying stem walls for basements in Chief

    Michael Thanks for your description of how the stem wall/floor height/ceiling height relationships actually work...I wish you had posted this a year ago as I tore my hair out chasing the ceiling heights in my early days...I finally figured most of it out but the initial learning curve is a bit steep...you made it much clearer but I think newbies will still flounder a bit due to the convoluted complexity of the DBX choices and the proper order of inputs needed to accomplish the goal... Regards
  13. Shane I am a retired snowmobile freak who used to put 5000 miles a year in the Michigan UP based out of the Curtis area...your map brought back some of my favorite memories of riding the boonies between McMillan and Rainbow Lodge and over to the old Bears Den bar... Pine Stump Junction...we used to jump across the river at Rainbow and boonie west to Grand Marais...Lake Superior provided the best and deepest snow to play in...last sled was a Polaris Rocky Mountain King...thanks for the memory jog I am also located near Caro much of the time...daughter has small horse and sawmill operation in Wells Twp...love to meet you sometime Regards Rick
  14. I have been using HD2020 2021 Pro for a year,,,I have the trial version of Chief X12...you can easily open the design templates in HD Pro from X12...and then draw in X12...the files are found in the HD pro/data/templates folder...I have not tried to do this using a trial version of HD Pro...hope this helps Good luck Regards Rick
  15. ricatic

    Where's the system recommendation for X13

    The Dell Alienware M17 shown in my signature has similar specs...it runs Chief just fine...its main drawback is the memory is soldered to the board so expansion is not possible... Regards Rick