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Good morning, as the title states

Does anybody have any ideas of the best way to get this accomplished currently in x11 or x12?

My client has requested details made from a back clipped cross-section camera view. His first request as an example. There are a lot of these needed in our current large project! :)


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I'll tell you how I approach this for complex projects. The section view that you show above, I would be detailing the actual section view (not a cad detail from the view) and setting the camera's plan display to be the section callout. That provides linking in the plan display relative to the layout page. 

I use a pre-determined box (cropped detail indicator) as a guide for my available drawing space which is based on the scale of my details, and the number of details that will be on each layout page. Those cropping boxes (on their own layer) can be copied and pasted-in-place to the detail section camera as a drawing guide. Their layer will be remain on for section views and will be turned off for detail views.


For the details, I'd use another section camera in the same location, but on it's own layer (it will be off in plan view). This detail section camera would have it's own default settings (the settings formerly known as annotation sets) and its own layer set. Again, I'd add the cad detailing directly in the camera view. Don't forget to set the page scale for the details. When sent to layout, I'd replicate the layout box for each detail shown in that camera view. If I needed those details to have a callout in plan view as well as the hosted section view, I'd use a separate camera for each detail. The cropping in layout is easily done by adjusting the layout box to the cropping box guide I mentioned earlier.


Unfortunately, you'll need to place callouts manually and keep track of them and update those callouts once you've finalized their page and page position.

I prefer to place detail callouts and the crop box indicator in layout so that its quicker to update them prior to printing. If you needed callouts from one detail to appear in multiple section views you could use a text macro in layout. But for detail callouts that only appear once, I don't bother with that. 


I prefer to organize my section views in sequence based on their location plan view. For organizing details, I prefer to lay them out on the page in order of appearance based on the section views.


Not sure if that's really any help...

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Hi Robert,

Thank you for your reply, I currently do my details in live cameras also. I think having a camera for each detailed area is the way to go.

As far as labeling the callouts I agree it's manual. 

thank you Michael

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