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Custom door and drawer front symbols if you want my advice.  Probably best to simply build from scratch and set up so that the main symbol and the crevices use 2 different materials. 


I just picked a random door style to demonstrate the basics, but here's an example.  Its an X12 library object that includes an Architectural block (so you can see how I built it), and the finished door symbol itself.  Again, it's very basic and there are a million little ways the modeling and materials can be done and improved, but hopefully gets the idea across.  Pay attention to the stacked molding profile in particular...

Simple Glazed Door Examples.calibz


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So here's my method:

  1. Find a door on the web from a cabinet door mfgr such as Conestogawood.
  2. Capture the image - gif is a good format.
  3. Create a new material texture in the plan (see help for how to do this)
  4. Set the material to "Stretch to Fit"
  5. Apply the new material to the Cabinet Door in your plan.

Note that you will probably have to have a separate version of the material for drawer fronts and you will probably need to apply different scaling factors depending on the proportions of the doors and drawer fronts.


Here's a pic of one I just did.



Glazed Door.GIF


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Down and dirty-export PBR view, then change rendering technique to line drawing, adjust all but line weight to 0, export with transparent image checked save as PNG.

Layout import pretty picture, then import line drawing.

All works best at higher DPI and edge smoothing on-rough idea here at low DPI (didn't already have any similar in wood so quickie)


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