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I have been a user of older Chief systems, but just updated to X11.

For some reason, in Wall Detail view, the framing is actually shown as viewed from Inside, though states it is from OUTSIDE. I have rechecked all teh settings, and I must be missing something simple, but just cannot see it. I have attached views of the different details. Be grateful for anyone to help me.

Other separate issue, is that our wall detail has (framing) battens on outside of ply sheathing, to form a cavity behind the cladding, and battens intenal to main layer, to form a service cavity between insulated membrane on inside face of main layer and the plasterboard internal finish.

I don't want these to be on view in the  farming 'Wall Detail' view .... does anyone know a simple way to "switch" them off ?

Framing-Wall Detail_Wrong Viewing (plan).JPG

Framing-Wall Detail_Wrong Viewing.JPG

Framing-Wall Detail_Wrong Viewing_Framing Dialogue Settings.JPG

Framing-Wall Detail_Wrong Viewing_Wall Layers.JPG

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Please post the above to Chief Architect Tech Support as a "Bug" report (posting this here is not necessarily a useful route to solution though there is NOTHING "Wrong" in doing so). A report to those who can do something effective about it is more useful. Thank you for bringing this up so others will now look and report back to you agreement or disagreement based upon looking.



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Cheers. I was beginning to think I was really stupid. I have been using Chief since about 2004 (10.08B). We fabricate the walls as pre-made panels with some of the insulate pre-installed, external breather membrane prefitted and single use lifting straps installed to crane them on site...... hence why i use the 'Wall Detail' section quite extensively.

Is the 'bug' reporting only via telephone ? I cannot see a email address otherwise for this, and since we are international and 7 or 8 hours ahead, i thought email would be the easiest.

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