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5 minutes ago, TopagnaOverlook said:

Thanks Michael,


I got the structure of that room back to normal.  But when I put the railings/open to below room in, the surrounding room structure changed from "Ceiling below" to "SWT below".


I'll see if I can re-create that behavior with a simple two-floor plan.

Try saving before you putting in the room also you could try the stair open above tool when you select the stair set on the lower floor it should show up and create an auto stairwell.  You can adjust the walls after that point.  May help?

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For the problem room -- open it and set everything back to default on the Structure Panel.


And ...






Stairs work fine when placed elsewhere. Drawn where you show them the railing builds incorrectly. It looks like a normal interior wall but there is a railing inside.



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Thanks Eric,


I know I didn't change those default settings intentionally.  I can only assume that during some experimentation with railings I hit the "set as default button" by mistake.  I'll be carefully checking defaults the next time I encounter unexpected behavior.  Makes me want to move that "set as default" button somewhere I'm less likely to hit it.


Is "Edit Area, copy, delete, paste/hold"  to restore the default structure on the entire floor?  I'm surprised that the paste/hold doesn't bring the structure of the copied floor on the clipboard with it.


Two great tips!


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