Error message - extents of view unusually large


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I am trying to determine why one of my students can no longer see their plan. Their file opens and they can generate a perspective floor overview in 3D, but the floor plan view is blank and they receive an error message. How do I fix this?


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Ballen, the error message is probably right about an object that is far away from the plan. It might be so small that it's really hard to find it. Call my cell 832-754-6160 and I'll tell you a quick and easy fix for this.

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In 3D are they along way from the building ? can you see it? 


This is usually due to a "Lost" Object way out in "Space" that needs deleting... so....


1.    Switch to the All On Layerset,

2.    Fill screen (F6),

3.    Select all ( CTRL-A)

4.    Look for Highlighted " Stray / Lost " Objects out at the Edges of the screen

5.    Select and Inspect them and save or move them back closer to the Building

6.    Or Delete them as needed.

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