Custom Tiled back-splash Brick Pattern


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Hi all.

I am attempting to lay out wall tile in a Brick third pattern in X10.

I have captured the texture (new material 45) from a screen and applied it to the top custom back splash.

I have then copied the plan material and sized the texture (24x12) and the custom pattern.

It then renders in stacked tile pattern.

What am I doing wrong?


Plan attached




ThirdBrick Tile pattern.plan

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27 minutes ago, DaveBox said:

Plan attached

In order for us to see your material you need to include the texture source file. Common ways to do this is choose File/Backup Entire Plan/ with the active plan opened.


I'll show you a 2 row brick pattern to illustrate the solution:


There is no offset tool in CA, you must create the offset in your texture

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* EDIT  I moved the full text of the reply to the TIPS sections for Others here /





12 x 24 1-3rd Offset.pat


Material for Library '''Import" as usual....


MHD_1-3rd 12 x124 Stacked Brown Tile.calibz                FOR X11 OR UP ONLY SORRY ,

                                                                                   use Pattern and Texture above to make your own material if needed.




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22 minutes ago, DaveBox said:

So the custom pattern does not array the tiles?


1.) No , it is simply a line drawing for Vector Views.......


2.) No , but it's a whole lot easier with the free Excel File.....  see above.... I did it for you and made a new Chief material ..... :)

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