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  1. I have attempted to upload the .plan without success. Error code -200
  2. Now that I have my Cabinet laid out. I want to produce a materials list, with the components, to price the job. The list produced by CA X10 does not accurately reflect the drawer box widths. How can I get an accurate component list? Drawer resize defaults_2020_01_30.plan
  3. Hi Mark. Thanks for your help. Following your instructions allowed me to accomplish th Hi Mark I was able to precisely locate the drawer boxes within the cabinet box by converting to a symbol as you instructed, with the variation being a 1/2" Z origin offset producing a 3/4" bottom gap for the slides. For the side gaps, The bounding box modification and stretch zone assignment works well. Thanks very much for your help! P.S. your .plan did not open in X10
  4. I am attempting to precisely layout drawer boxes within this cabinet box in order to maximize storage and to ensure correct sizing of all components. Ideally the drawer box would resize with 3/16" clearance on the side and 3/4" on the bottom. Is it possible to set defaults to this resize arrangement? Drawer resize defaults.plan
  5. Hi Kbird! So the custom pattern does not array the tiles? A third party is required? I was hoping for a third pattern not a third party! Also: What is my vector size?
  6. Hi all. I am attempting to lay out wall tile in a Brick third pattern in X10. I have captured the texture (new material 45) from a screen and applied it to the top custom back splash. I have then copied the plan material and sized the texture (24x12) and the custom pattern. It then renders in stacked tile pattern. What am I doing wrong? Plan attached ThirdBrick Tile pattern.plan
  7. I am disappointed that RP was discontinued. I am running CA 10 on a Windows 10 laptop. I have a Bosch GLM 50 C (Bluetooth) that connects to the laptop but cannot seem to configure it to input dimensions directly to CA. Has anyone had success in configuring this apparatus?
  8. Remove surfaces tool is effective, but is very time consuming when surfaces are small and numerous. Am I correctly using the Explode block tool? Is this a bug?
  9. I am seeking to unblock a symbol downloaded as .skp. I import as a fixture, interior. Select in library and place in plan. Shift select, and then click "Make Architectural Block" Click to Explode the architectural block is now available, but doing so has no effect. I want to remove some items from a group. The broom for example. How can I accomplish this? Cleaning.plan
  10. Thanks Mark Your plan is very helpful. I like using rollouts and fixed shelves in drawers. My work around was adding the rollout symbol, in the closed and open positions. It is unfortunate that a work around is necessary rather than making shelves available with a drawer. Thanks again for your help.
  11. Hi There! I am trying to add rollouts in drawer cabinets. I can add rollouts easily when the cabinet features a door, by adding a drawer box to the shelf. Is it possible to combine a drawer and a rollout? Thanks Dave Box Brightside Home Solutions premier X10 Rollout&Drawer.plan