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OK...sorry for not asking this before.  Can you use a "polyline" with a fill (such as shingles) and then reference the "fill pattern" somehow in a reference set?  I ask because I haven't figured out how...



Below in the pictures I have drawn the polyline with the shake fill on Level 1...and I'm trying to Reference on Level 2...the cad polyline appears...but, no "fill pattern".  Is the "fill" on a unique layer?



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4 minutes ago, Dermot said:

Michael's post might be more complicated than you need.  Try just turning on the "Details" option in the reference display.


More information about the reference display settings can be found in my post here:




Darn that was easy...thank you!  Very much appreciate the quick response.  


I saw both of these those posts when they were posted,..but, it's been a while since I have messed with "REF SETS" and I just plumb forgot what I needed to do. :huh:  

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15 minutes ago, SNestor said:


Thanks Micheal. I saw the current temps in Alaska....brrrr....stay warm!

Thanks.  It’s warmed up to about 17 below (F) where I live.  And Dermot is right, my suggestion is probably more than you need. I read more into what you were asking them what was really there.

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