Anyone notice a difference between 16 & 32 megs of sys memory?

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I run a 2080 gpu and a pretty robust processor. My system monitor never really shows system memory past 50%. but I was wondering if anyone has felt a difference when they've increased memory from 16 to 32 megs?  


Thank you,


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Windows can utilise spare ram for disk caching so utilisation doesn't always give the full performance picture, however at 50% I doubt you will see any difference and the money spent elsewhere could be more beneficial such as NVMe SSD etc if not already in use.


The only other potential benefit for Chief would be a RAM drive for undo storage, although I find some plans benefit more from this versus NVMe SSD than others. Some plans  appear more CPU limited cresting the undo file.


I use Chief on PCs running 16, 32 and 64GB mostly due use of other software for virtual machines and software development. Generally I find RAM is an area where being short has a huge impact due to paging to disk, but otherwise adding more makes little difference. 

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