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When creating a layout on my Mac Chief Premier X11 and printing out to my HP T120 plotter all is great if I only do black and white.

If I try to print it out in color even though it previews correctly the view port prints out black.

I have sent to the letter size printer and it does the same thing.

Like I said it previews exactly like it should either in black and white or color but prints the view port in black.

So as a workaround I edited the view port to show just the elevation and it works.

Just know I have set something wrong but need help.


View Port.png

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You may have to provide a picture of what in the world are you talking about... 


A layouts that have a border, Some plan or plan view sent to a layout.

Are you talking about some border over section or some other view? A border around PDF, or TIF that is embedded?

And if you sent something to a layout did you send it as plot lines, live view?



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